Friday, December 2, 2011

Current nailpolish purchase

I totally forgot to post this here .haha but this is nothing special I was at my local/mall grocery when I found a huge variety of nailpolishes from brands that I have never heard of. So I decided to try some because they are very very affordable, they have some nice colors and if it blows, then it'd be okay since I didn't really spend much on it.

So I got 3 nailpolishes:

A green one for the christmas season called evergreen from La Belle and its a frosty green color.. nothing special. Worn it last week and it does stay on long but you have to keep layering to get the same color as the bottle, id say around 4 coats. The glitter part is a bit rough though but its fine I have no complaints.

I got a clear nailpolish because I need one and its from sweet cherry. No need to elaborate on this one :p

The last nailpolish I got is from OMG nail colors by klik called happy hour. This is a unique color for me because it looks black,purple, brown, with red glitters or pink ones.. idunno its just crazy but from afar it looks like a dark polish with red glitter. Oohh its just hard to describe I am wearing this today and it looks great it makes my hand look clean and bright :)

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