Thursday, December 15, 2011

huge world trade haul part 2

Went with my bestfriend and tine to the world trade noel bazaar today. The first time I went there I really did not get much stuff. So now I just decided to look more closely and see if I could find good items at the bazaar. And that was definitely a good decision. I got 14 items 10 of which are clothing items which had really good quality with just a fraction of a normal clothing shop's price. I got a crackle nailpolish , a watch box which was not in this picture because I gave this to my mom already , two necklaces and a starting over planner for my brother which is very unique and I am tempted to get one for myself as well. My bestfriend also got me a cute make up back as a back up for when my current make up bag gets dirty. :) come to think of it, I think I got more than 14 things.. awesome cause I only spent about 3k plus for all of it :)

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