Saturday, December 17, 2011

a little pre-christmas saturday haul

Went a little crazy for the past few weeks. Shopping like crazy I felt like I lost a lot of weight.haha I got my people presents and then I got myself a brown version of the lace top I bought the other day, because that one was black. Then I went to the bpi sale at smx and I got this pretty limited edition ellie blazer from plains and prints. Its so unique cause it has gold zippers around it so you can detach the other half and make it a nice black bolero. I also got a marie claire aviators because I don't have nice shades to wear so now is the time to get I've never really found nice shades that fit me perfectly, not until I found this. I chose this over the dior and michael kors one which has leopard prints in it.

Went guy present shopping and it was totally successful :p

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  1. hey addie!! nice pre-Christmas haul. mukhang all-about fashion ang mga recent posts mo ahh..hehe Merry Christmas nga pala :) Clariza here.

  2. hahaha yeah! cause you know I just realized that I haven't bought new clothes for a while. babawi lang! haha merry christmas Clariza! Hope you're having fun! Take care:)