Thursday, December 8, 2011

MAC StyleDriven Collection: Pro Longwear Lipcreme in Dress It Up

I got this lipstick a few days back. I hadn't had time to post it here which was fine because I wanted to test it out first. This lipstick came from the Styledriven collection.

It is a beautiful pale pink color. It's actually a blue based pink which is nice cause it makes your teeth whiter. Not too loud which is great cause it could make a good everyday color paired with maybe a smokey eye or a very bright shimmery eye combo. Kinda similar to Nyx's Narcissus or Mac's Viva Glam Gaga but a lot more wearable. The lipstick itself is very creamy and i don't think it has a specific finish but I'd say it's like a amplified/luster finish. As for the Pro longwear claim, it does stay on longer than the regular Mac lipsticks but I wouldn't really say that it would stay on my lips for 16 hours.

As for the packaging, it is obviously very different from the regular mac lipsticks as it has a matte cylinder tube and it does appear bigger but I think that it has the same amount. One thing I have hated for 3 days though was the packaging. I twisted it up and when I tried to twist it down, it just wouldn't budge. It got stuck there and I had to push it in. I was so scared that the lipstick might break because it is creamier than the other Mac formulas.I don't know what i did but eventually it worked fine again.I'm also not fond of the creaminess of the lipstick or the packaging because when you twist it up, the lipstick inside the tube kinda rubs off on the side causing you to lose the product on the side and the tube will look grungy so every time you use it you just have to clean up the sides of the tube. Not sure if I will get the other colors or just get colors from the regular line. Nice lipstick though and smells great just like all the other Mac lipsticks.