Saturday, December 3, 2011

World bazaar haul

Never thought I would actually get tired strolling inside a bazaar. It was so big and it was just too much. Although a lot of stuff were similar after a while it gets tiring to look at the same stuff. There were nice things but most were advertisements of already known brands.

I got black croc skin doll shoes from the shoe room, I love their shoes its so soft and it feels like I'm wearing just socks. I will have a customized one soon though. Black and pink combo :) I got a white loose shirt that says light time, I really don't understand what that meant but I do plan to just pair it with shorts or jeans.. perfect for a lazy school day.. and then I got a pink door hanger and three labels for it, I'm gonna put that outside my room because the people in this house keeps barging in my room like its no big deal. I got a spiky silver bib type necklace , I've always wanted one and I saw this in forever 21 good thing I didn't get it there because this is way cheaper and light.

Might go back there to get the watch box for my mom as a christmas present. Really good quality and it isn't that expensive so I could get it with out

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