Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Beauty Haul ft. Sleek

Hooraay! Got some stuff from sweetypink charms, an awesome seller who gets stuff for me from US and UK her prices are affordable not like others who inflates prices like there's no tomorrow.

I got a acrylic lipstick holder with 24 slots, 2 sleek blushes in flamingo and pixie pink (which I already have) and a sleek storm palettte. There are no regrets from this purchase because the products are awesome, very pigmented and everything else that you would consider when buying make up products. Will scrutinize each one and will post my thoughts on them soon..with swatches of course :)

ps. Totally worth it even my mom loved the products I got she usually gets mad when I buy more make up. Haha

xo. ;)
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