Thursday, January 5, 2012

Maybelline Long Extreme Lash Stiletto Mascara

I have been using this mascara for over a month and I must say that I like it but I can't really say I love it or it has helped my look in a ginormous way. It claims to lengthen your eyelashes by 70% I think and is waterproof. I really cannot remember what else is there for this product, but it is basically a lengthening mascara. It has a brush applicator real bristles not the plastic ones like lash blast.

First, I would just like to say that I love the packaging, very classy, and shaped like a stiletto heel although at first glance I didn't really notice that and bought i because it was on sale and that it was one of the prettiest packaging in the Maybelline Mascara line. The lady asked me what I wanted: a lengthening , curling or a volumizing one and would I like it in waterproof or just the regular one. I really had a hard time thinking about that but I finally chose lengthening cause I thought I wouldn't want a lot of short lashes cause that would be silly. So I got this and at first try I loved it although it dries slowly and you have to comb you lashes a few times just to make sure that the fibers in the formula wont go stray and look clumpy and down right yucky. What I just do is that once I have applied it to my upper lashes , i just close my eyes so that some of the ink/pigment whatever goes down my lower lashes just so I don't have to try as hard to put them there myself as I am new to mascara and not really the best one to apply that to me or to anyone else. I like that once it sets, It won't move for the rest of the day. Holds the curl, doesn't smudge and pretty easy to take off once you get use to the formula. I like the fact that I see the fibers in the wand that way I know that it has really something that can help lengthen my lashes. It was very effective for that claim, what I don't love is that my lashes now looks long but thin. So now I think I'm willing to go get a volumizing one or a mascara that could do both for me. In my last haul I already bought another mascara the hyper curl one. Lengthens, volumizes and curls but I dunno.. I'll see which one is better and is worth repurchasing soon :)

Rating: 4/5


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