Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Shirts from Vinyl on Vinyl

I went to the DLSU comic convention earlier not cause I'm a big cosplay fan but rather I was required to do so.haha. well yeah anyway I got these too uber cool shirts from vinyl on vinyl a nice urban art brand I guess and its so nice this cute artist made these designs as well as some other graphic paintings which were too expensive for me to just randomly get so I just got two shirts instead for php 1100.

if you can't see clearly the first shirt is just a goldfish in some bowl with some food in them. I bought this because this remindd me of my dead goldfish named bubbles and then I got the other shirt which looked like a dude with a serious hangover or something.haha but the artist told me that its more of him as a soccer player before and blah blah I forgot the story.haha

might visit their store soon ;)

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