Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sleek I-Divine Storm Palette

Got this around 2 weeks ago and I waited for so long to get this because everyone was raving about it and I'm just a sucker for products that are loved by many cause its a good indicator that it is worth my money. I saw this particular palette in some bazaars that I went to during the holidays and at first glance I wasn't really impressed with it because it was rather small than what I have imagined and the colors are pretty easy to find. Actually I'll go ahead and say that although this is an overall awesome palette, it isn't really that special since most of the colors can be duped using the 88 warm palette from Coastal Scents or some other make up companies that sells the warm palette. What I like about this that it's very compact , the colors are very pigmented, easily blendable and doesn't crease even without primer (atleast on me). I love the packaging itself because looking at each pan, it has a pretty pattern on it and the outside packaging is a practical black matte color with just the sleek logo and the description at the back. This palette has been compared to Urban Decay's NAKED Palette, I don't know if its true, but this palette has definitely made a name of its own in the make up community.


Great pigmentation. Best Matte Black Color I have ever swatched and used. The Dark Green is very legit too.. whatever color you see on the pan, when swatched it remains the same , it doesn't go chalky or lighter than what it seems.

Lighter colors:

Darker Colors:

Rating: 4/5


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