Thursday, January 5, 2012

Strolling at the Nearest Mall Haul

(sorry if its upside down dunno why but i couldn't rotate it) :(

Went to Cash and Carry after class and after having a short lunch date, I got me a few things to keep me busy during the first week of classes. I got an Entrepreneur magazine because I was planning to create my own business since I am graduating soon and I don't think that I would fit in to the regular work force once I'm done so I'm creating a pretty strong safety net for myself and I'm very happy about that :) I got a Blush magazine, my favorite magazine so far which immediately started when I found its first issue because it has a lot of stuff about make up and skincare, less adds, less things that I don't really read.. so I love that, I got just some nail polish remover from sassy and then Maybelline was having a 20% off at Cash and Carry so I decided to pick up the Volum' Express Hyper Curl Waterproof Mascara as I have been trying to practice using a mascara and figuring out what I needed for my eyes whether it would be to volumize or to lengthen it. I think I need both and this mascara claimed to do that plus, to curl my lashes without me, curling it manually. So we'll see how that goes but I plan to open it after a month because I'm still using my Lash Stiletto one which will be reviewed soon ;)


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