Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Today's haul : mini shopping trip

I had free time on my hands today so I have decided to go the mall and check out the lush sale. They were having a 50% off on their christmas items and also some items that were being discontinued like the something something of roses,demon in the dark , ice blue soap and that other thing which I did not love. I got a huge chunk of demon in the dark and ice blue I got them cut too little pieces so I can use them sparingly to avoid wasting product because lush is pretty expensive for a bath soap and some of the formulations are creamy so they tend to melt with water and heat inside the bathroom. I keep them in my lush tin. I got the candy cane soap from the christmas collection and its smells exactly like almonds and peppermint. I got ice blue soap which smells like a mans perfume, strong but still pleasant and it really gives me a refreshing feeling as I have tried it before. Then I got demon in the dark which was my favorite soap.. smells like strong peppermint that was meant to wake you up in the morning and it is very effective in doing so. I hated the fact that they had to take those out and replace with some new ones which I did not like.

I also got my hands on the Revlon lipbutters that everyone had been raving about on youtube. I believe that it has been recently released here in the Philippines a couple of days back. I got sugar plum and I'm planning to use it as an everyday color purple sheer goodness and also the candy apple which is a bright red color. There's no smell to these lipsticks but to me that would just be fine rather than to have the traditional lipstick smell. There are 20 shades for this line and it is relatively cheap compared to the color bursts ones but the pricing is not really that different. had to stop myself from opening these because I wanted to wait for atleast a few weeks or even a month because I wanted to use what I have first cause I know that once I get a shiny new thing, I completely ignore my other lip products. *Sigh*

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