Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day Boycott


meh. I've had better days. Post break up Valentines day is soooo NOT FUN. Everyone is just happy and inlove like all of them are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversaries. I just kept reminding myself that it is a commercial holiday meant for people to get gifts for each other and feel the "love" in the air. Which is kinda true seeing that there really are some people who get dates for the sake of this day. It's great that they are making this day extra special but my thoughts are if your relationship is really special and for keeps then make him/her feel like it's valentines day everyday. I just noticed that there are some people who makes grand gestures on this day instead of doing it on their anniversaries. I don't get that.But it is their life soooo I'm not gonna dig deeper into that subject.

Yeah so anyway I spent my valentines sleeping, going to LEAP class, looking at the bazaar at my school which is currently celebrating our university week (DLSU), and watching a horror movie. FUN :))

I was asked by some people to be their "valentine" but I refused because I just didn't feel right about saying yes but still feeling sad about what just happened during the Chi New Year. So I spent it with friends and bonding with some other people.Made me happy though still can't shake off the feeling that this day could've been sweeter.. tsk.

single? yes..I'm ok with that now

happy?? a bit..

free? emotionally trapped as we speak. but thankfully, my positive thinking saved me from being all emotional and dark :))



MAC Lipstick in Angel

YEAH. Kim K's favorite MAC lipstick. One of the most talked about lipstick shade in the market. I honestly don't know how this would look on me. Although reviews and swatches all depicts as the perfect everyday color, perfect for any look especially paired with smokey eyes like how Kim Kardashian usually wears this on under NARS turkish delight.

The finish is a FROST. (shimmery goodness) ;)

From the tube it looks like a neutral pink with a pearly finish, same as when swatched... on my wrist. But on my lips.. I find it a bit too light for my liking. I kinda look a bit washed out but in a pinkier way not like how dead I look when wearing Viva Glam Gaga 2 but kinda similar to MAC's prolong wear lipstick in Dress it up. I think this would look great for people with a bit of a tan like a NC35 and up. I am too light for this shade but I made it work the other day by putting MAC prolong wear lipglass in Show Me which is neutral pink shade I'd say 2 shades darker than this.

Rating: 3/5


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Goodbye MARIONNAUD, Hello Guerlain Foundation Brush & Katy Perry's Manila Dreams Tour

With the right accessories, it is possible for anyone to become an artist. For makeup aficionados, these luxurious brushes are the answer. The range of brushes allows for perfect application and superior blending. Each brush is crafted from a mixture of natural, high-quality goat hair and synthetic bristles.
By Guerlain.

I got this brush during the last day of Marionnaud's crazy beauty sale at the Mall of Asia. Almost everything was 75% off and I had a lot of regrets because I did not go in there a few days earlier, so I didn't get to see a lot of the products on sale because I was trying to resist going into MAC and go be my impulsive self again. There were 4000php palettes there that they were selling for around 1k each and perfumes and everything else. I was so tempted to get that nice guerlain palette but I resisted because I have a lot of eyeshadows at home and I didn't want to waste money on something i already have .. although that was more than a bargain. So anyway, this is Guerlain's version of a foundation brush, duo-fibre made of goat and synthetic hair, incredibly soft, perfectly crafted in its sleek handle, everything about it was absolutely magical. I just knew I had to have it. The lady told me that someone has reserved it only, she didn't return to claim so eventually it found its way to me :P

The day was perfect cause after I went straight to the concert grounds and was mesmerized by Katy Perry. The concert was delayed for 2 hours but it was all worth it. The production was the best, very creative and explosive especially the last part when there was fireworks inside the covered stage.. ughh... #replayingmemories.

And lastly, I want to say goodbye to Marionnaud at the Mall of Asia, apparently, there weren't enough buyers to keep their store alive. Too bad because they were my favorite. Now I have to go elsewhere to get my make up and other much loved items :(

Rating: 5/5


Revlon Lip Butters: Candy Apple & Sugar Plum

Another late post hahaha. yeah so anyway I got these lipbutters a little while back , actually when they were first released here in the Philippines. I was just walking by the Music Hall at the Mall of Asia and saw these, and my heart stopped. I never really thought that they were going to release it here this early especially since I'm used to having products that were already well-raved abroad for six months and it still hasn't come here.

So anyway I got Candy Apple, which is a bright red, very wearable, like if you are looking for a nice red that isn't too tough and dark looking, you could opt for this since it is glossy, the color is buildable and it can easily pass of as a nice berry stain depending on how you apply. I really like this color I've worn it a lot since I got it especially during times when I feel like my face looks dull and even my blush can't help it.

Then I got Sugar Plum, which at first, I had not really been paying attention to this color, I honestly almost left it on the counter because at first glance it didn't look to exciting and unique but when applied I just fell inlove, brisk walked to the counter and paid for it with no more questions asked. It just a nice everyday plum color that looks great on any look, very natural looking and i don't think that this would ever look too much on anyone. perfect color.

For the staying power I had to re-apply atleast every 2-3 hours. standard time so it is still pretty good. These lip butters are moisturizing but these do not replace a lip balm in anyway. This is basically a lipstick that is glossier and easier to apply. Not really a miracle product but its a nice one. Cute packaging although at times I still think it is a little tacky. No smell at all which is good since I'm very picky with the smell of lipsticks.

Will I buy more? --I might.



Nyx Soft Matte Lipcreams

This review has obviously been delayed for more than a month, so is the hypercurl mascara, revlon lipbutters and some others which i have unfortunately forgotten to do a post on. Hopefully I can remember them soon before it buries itself in my make up stash.

So these are the soft matte lipcreams by Nyx and at first I was hesitant on whether I'd like these because from my previous experience with their lipsticks and glosses, I didn't really like them like I hoped I would. The smell was sickening, the color pay off was good but the staying power is just crap. Like I just placed colored icing on my lips and then wiped out in a few seconds. It was just one of those useless things that goes straight to my garbage bin or if a friend is willing to give it a try, then I just give it away.

But these lip creams are amazing. They apply easily,they smell nice (like cake), they have great pigmentation, they don't leave your lips as quickly as the lipsticks, they don't dry my lips out and they make my lips look perfect. I don't love the look of matte lips on me because it makes me look dehydrated, but i loved how this looked on me because although it did not have any shimmer or glossy effect whatsoever, it still looked as if my lips are moisturized and flawless.

I got Sao Paulo and Antwerp (Love the names since they named it after famous cities around the globe i think)

Planning to get the other colors once i've consumed atleast a big percentage of my lip products :D

Rating: 5/5


Tuesday, February 7, 2012


a lot of delayed posts this month. Anyway I got a few mac things to add to my collection that I thought were worth getting even though I have a lot of things that I should pay for first.hahaha so I got 3 lipsticks and 1 mineralized blush.

I got speak louder which is a cremesheen finish basically a bright reddish pink color.

I got crosswires which is another cremesheen finish , it is a bright coral shade with a hint of red, not really as blindingly orange as mac's morange but a darkened more wearable coral.

I got angel which is a very popular shade. (Made popular by kim kardashian) it is a baby pink color, not too dusty rose looking but just a nice evevryday pink that would look great on any look

Finally, I got a mineralized blush in love thing. Love thing is a cranberry blush with gold and silver shimmers on it, the flecks are small enough so that when applied on the face the glow it gives doesn't look artificial and the color itself would look natural on a lot of skintones when applied correctly.

Pictures and swatches soon :))

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