Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nyx Soft Matte Lipcreams

This review has obviously been delayed for more than a month, so is the hypercurl mascara, revlon lipbutters and some others which i have unfortunately forgotten to do a post on. Hopefully I can remember them soon before it buries itself in my make up stash.

So these are the soft matte lipcreams by Nyx and at first I was hesitant on whether I'd like these because from my previous experience with their lipsticks and glosses, I didn't really like them like I hoped I would. The smell was sickening, the color pay off was good but the staying power is just crap. Like I just placed colored icing on my lips and then wiped out in a few seconds. It was just one of those useless things that goes straight to my garbage bin or if a friend is willing to give it a try, then I just give it away.

But these lip creams are amazing. They apply easily,they smell nice (like cake), they have great pigmentation, they don't leave your lips as quickly as the lipsticks, they don't dry my lips out and they make my lips look perfect. I don't love the look of matte lips on me because it makes me look dehydrated, but i loved how this looked on me because although it did not have any shimmer or glossy effect whatsoever, it still looked as if my lips are moisturized and flawless.

I got Sao Paulo and Antwerp (Love the names since they named it after famous cities around the globe i think)

Planning to get the other colors once i've consumed atleast a big percentage of my lip products :D

Rating: 5/5



  1. love how pigmented they are! I bought a bunch of their round lipsticks bc everyone raves about them, but I had the same experience--they wipe off in seconds. will definitely try these next time :)

  2. those lipsticks were a waste of money for me .haha :)) you really should! tell me how you like em! :)