Thursday, February 9, 2012

Revlon Lip Butters: Candy Apple & Sugar Plum

Another late post hahaha. yeah so anyway I got these lipbutters a little while back , actually when they were first released here in the Philippines. I was just walking by the Music Hall at the Mall of Asia and saw these, and my heart stopped. I never really thought that they were going to release it here this early especially since I'm used to having products that were already well-raved abroad for six months and it still hasn't come here.

So anyway I got Candy Apple, which is a bright red, very wearable, like if you are looking for a nice red that isn't too tough and dark looking, you could opt for this since it is glossy, the color is buildable and it can easily pass of as a nice berry stain depending on how you apply. I really like this color I've worn it a lot since I got it especially during times when I feel like my face looks dull and even my blush can't help it.

Then I got Sugar Plum, which at first, I had not really been paying attention to this color, I honestly almost left it on the counter because at first glance it didn't look to exciting and unique but when applied I just fell inlove, brisk walked to the counter and paid for it with no more questions asked. It just a nice everyday plum color that looks great on any look, very natural looking and i don't think that this would ever look too much on anyone. perfect color.

For the staying power I had to re-apply atleast every 2-3 hours. standard time so it is still pretty good. These lip butters are moisturizing but these do not replace a lip balm in anyway. This is basically a lipstick that is glossier and easier to apply. Not really a miracle product but its a nice one. Cute packaging although at times I still think it is a little tacky. No smell at all which is good since I'm very picky with the smell of lipsticks.

Will I buy more? --I might.




  1. I love candy apple! I really like the formulation and how moisturizing it is. Nice review :)

  2. me too! i wanna try the other colors though but somehow I still shifted back to my mac ones :)) but these are perfect for makeup kits though glossy pigmented and moisturizing ;) Thanks!