Friday, March 23, 2012

Rubi nail polishes

Be amazed. My brother picked this up for me when he went to hong kong last week. Really pretty colors, easy application and very opaque. Loving the names on these polishes too!

Blue- blue suede shoes
White- going to the chapel
Shimmery champagne -heart of gold
Orange red- I like pina coladas
Pink with purple reflex- pink cadillac

I have only tried 3 of these so far but it is very promising ;)


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skin food nail polish

Have not posted here in a really really long time. Been super busy with school and some other random things but come april I swear I will be active again :p anyway I just want to share these nailpolishes that I just bought last week from skinfood. Really really nice colors, it did not chip on me for atleast a week .. a miracle for these nail polishes has vitamins in them, big big plus since my nails are shitty most of the time. :))

5/5 :))

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