Thursday, April 26, 2012

MAC Viva Glam Nicki Minaj lipstick

Anyway, this is the newest lipstick in the Viva Glam Line , The Nicki Minaj satin lipstick. It is limited edition, although they say that these special viva glam ones sell for an entire year, Anna told me that once they run out, you can't get one anymore. They won't restock this when it gets sold out at every MAC branch.

The wait is over! Viva Glam Nicki is in the Philippines! I waited for a month just to have this. I arrived earlier at the Mall of Asia and with so much luck, the MAC girl there named Anna, told me that it just arrived this morning. I was so happy to own this.. Like you have no idea.

Soooo :>

This is a bright pink lipstick with yellow undertones. I think this would look great in almost all skintones. It has a Satin finish, it can be a little drying but with a little lipbalm, we'll be alright. I did find that I have to layer this on, about 3 layers to get the desired effect because when I first applied this it didn't apply as evenly as I hope but I don't know maybe my lips had the problem not this. lol. I have nothing else to say.. Can't wait to wear this every single day till I get tired or I wear it out..thinking if I should get a back up :>


Did not get the ricky martin one. Didn't find it too interesting. It's basically their tinted lip conditioner with his signature.

Rating: 5/5


Missha Perfect Cover BB cream

Another loved goodie from Korea! So sad that this is not readily available here :( Anyway, this is the Missha Perfect Cover BB cream reported to be the number 1 BB cream in Korea and have received thousands of rave reviews from around the world. I got the biggest bottle of this to try out in number 21 which is the lightest shade, I believe that this comes in 4 or 5 other shades. It has a high spf content of 42 and it has just the right amount of liquid-y consistency for a medium-full coverage face product.I'm sure you all know what BB creams are what they do to the skin all that good stuff so I won't be discussing that here because the effects are the same only this one compared to other bb creams i've tried are easier to blend to my skintone and covers some spots and redness in my skin, and it lasts all day. I don't look oily and I didn't have to set this with powder. It doesn't cake even if you pack it on (as i've tried the first day I got this). No cons so far, I didn't break out and this made my skin soft. Perfect product I just wish I got some backup :(

Rating: 5/5


The Balm: Nude-tude Palette

I love Korea for giving me this palette :) Well no they didn't give this to me but I got this there. Lol. Anyway, I don't think I have to review or introduce this much to people because this is a much raved about product on youtube and other blogs. It is kinda like The Balm's version of the Naked palette although this one is really different from that. So there are two versions: The Nice palette ( the one I have) has no naked girls inside while the naughty palette has girls naked but their private parts are covered with the small shadow rectangles which I think is a very adorable concept and I really wish that I've gotten that instead. But oh well, I'm there for the product. It may look pretty expensive when you look at the price but you get 12 beautiful eyeshadows in there a mirror and a brush inside so for me, it is well worth it.

so here is my interpretation of the colors:

Sassy -white shadows with tons of shimmer
Stubborn - baby pink with shimmer
Selfish-nice shimmery taupe color
Sophisticated - darker taupe color almost leaning to a dark grey with shimmers
Sexy- a matte burgundy color
Serious-matte black color
Snobby-light yellow shimmery color
Stand-offish- shimmery rose gold color
Sultry- matte medium-brown
Schitzo- shimmering grayish-brown color
Silly- dark dark brown with red shimmers
Sleek - extra dark brown matte color

You have to be careful with some of these shadows though because there might be some fall out with the glitter but aside from that, there are no other cons

overall, this is a great palette to have for travelling, it has a great combination of shades I don't think I would ran out of a unique look when using this one they deserve the rave they get. The Balm is one of my favorite brand of make up aside from Mac and sometimes I do find better products there which was bizarre to me at first because it's cheaper but i love it cause I know that they put in so much thought in their products. Well done.

Rating: 5/5


The Saem Ardent Lady Perfect Cover Pact

This one of the beauty goodies I got from Korea. It's a full coverage foundation pact with spf 30. Relatively cheap it's around 13000 won, they have two shades available and you can only get this in Korea I think so anyway I will be keeping this review short just because this is something that might not be as interesting as others because it would be hard to find, I looked up some reviews online and found none because the Saem is a new Korean brand I think so there isn't that much talk compared to Missha, Skin79 and all that famous Korean brands.

 The packaging is nice, pink and sturdy, not too bulky, the foundation has a hard plastic covering which is good because it means that the product wouldn't go all over the place , there's a sponge inside which I don't use when applying because I find that the product is best applied with fingers because when you use a brush it tends to streak, when you use the sponge it soaks up the product and you end up wasting it.The color is a perfect match for me I have the lightest shade in 21 , the darker shade is 23 but even 23 wouldn't be good for medium-dark skintones because it is still light. Kind of like a tanned version of me when I expose myself in the sun for awhile. It's not that easy to spread all over the face, it kind of reminds me of thin gum where it kinda feels a little elastic but when spread out, it just covers imperfect skin.


I love this because I don't have to wear any concealer because this is super full coverage and if it isn't enough then you can layer it on to completely conceal blemishes, it doesn't smell like anything, it lasts all day it doesn't cake (except you put on too much as with all foundations) and it's affordable the only con is that it is not available here in the Philippines you can either go to Korea and horde or you can pre-order online which I'm sure there are online sellers that can get this there.

Rating: 5/5


Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Fitness Pal

Created by MyFitnessPal - Free Calorie Counter

(This is my ticker to track my weight loss!everytime i log on. pretty cool!)


As I have said on a number of my post here, I have been struggling with weight gain my weight is fluctuating all the time and I just don't know what to do anymore. I cancelled my gym membership and is now using this super awesome app called My Fitness Pal along with Shaun T's hiphop abs and might also try the 360 circuit training soon.. so about this app...

My Fitness Pal is an app for your ipad, iphone and itouch, also available on android. It is basically a calorie counter app where you can log on all the food that you have taken during the entire day and it will track your progress and you will see which food is good for you and which ones make you gain the unnecessary weight.

Once you have created your account it will ask you about your activities, height age and other necessary information to determine how much calories you should have in a day to either maintain or lose weight. Mine is 1200 calories per day. The way I list down the food i eat is i go look for it in their database (by the way, they have the largest database of the foods and their calorie content in all the diet apps on a smartphone i think). It's super easy and it makes me reflect on what I should be eating, I'm literally doing food math in my head.Once you finish logging all the food for the day a message will pop up and say " if everyday were like today you will weigh (insert predicted weight) in 5 weeks" something like that. Like you get motivated just by looking at that, I certainly did. They can also track your workout routine, like you log on, say 30 minutes of cardio, it will give you more calories to consume in a day to balance it all out. They also have a chart on what you consume like 55% protein 30% carbs and stuff like that. They make charts for you too so you can track if you're wait is fluctuating and if you need to change how you eat. You can add your friends for motivation so they can see your progress too :)

if you dont have a smartphone you can visit them here: you can join too but it will be a bit hard to log the food your taking maybe you can write them in a diary and list down everything you ate when you can :) Same banana :)

Rating: 5/5!


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mini make up haul

I got some stuff from my auntie who came from the states perfect timing cause I was looking at new products to test out.

I got bonnebell liplites in strawberry parfait it looks like an opaque pale pink gloss. Think mac dress it up in gloss form.

Physician's formula gentle cover concealer in light, it has a bit of salmon tone to it I think this could work for some blemishes and undereye problems

And then I got a nyc liquid liner in pearlized black. I don't think its water proof, it is not super black, has a brush applicator and that's all I can say about it so far :) can't wait to try these out some other day. I would've tested these on my face now but I just got my diamond peel at the Murad clinic at Rustans and they said my face was clogged and stuff so I'm trying to tone down the stuff I apply on my face.

Xo :)
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Friday, April 6, 2012

Off the shelf challenge booklist

I might not make a list for the dystopia 2012 challenge , actually it depends on whether I can list all those down. But anyway here is my overwhelming stash of unread books that will be part of my off the shelf challenge 2012 this plus the books on my ibooks shelf on my ipad. So in the " real books category, I found 40 books : (6 have not been captured in this picture)

  • The trouble with twins
  • Evernight
  • Vita Brevis
  • Mixed Messages
  • Help, wanted desperately
  • Hush,hush
  • Perfect strangers
  • The mark
  • Soul harvest
  • Nicolae
  • Tribulation Force
  • Left behind
  • Supernatural Tales around the world
  • I've got your number
  • The Rose Labyrinth
  • Lumayo Ka nga sa akin - Bob Ong (filipino author)
  • One Day
  • Prophecies
  • Haunted
  • Restless Dead
  • The Carrie Diaries
  • Summer in the City
  • Prophecy of Days
  • Love in time of Cholera
  • The Lucifer Gospel
  • Good omens
  • Maya
  • Persuading Annie
  • The short second life of Bree Tanner
  • The end of faith
  • A skeleton in God's closet
  • The complete horowitz horror
  • Hell's fire
  • The castle in the Pyrenees
  • Train Man
  • Holy blood, holy grail
  • Secrets of Angels and demons
  • Secrets of the Codes
  • Diary -chuck palahniuk
  • Fear
So these are only the titles of the "visible books that will be part of the challenge, i would also be including some titles frommy ibooks shelf soon.

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Challenge Accepted: Off The Shelf 2012 <- click the link to enter and find out more.

Will be posting reviews and updates on what i've finished soon.

Here is my off the shelf reading list. These are only for the real life shelf (40 books) i will be listing down 10 more books from my ibooks shelf on my ipad to make the list 50 or more to reach my goal for this challenge.

This is about getting read of the unread list and the ignored books on the real life shelf, on the kindle or on the ibooks shelf. It's about challenging yourself to finish all the books you planned to read but never gotten to doing it. I have a lot of that sooo I guess I'm in! :)

Challenge Level: On a roll(50 books, any genre)

The second book reading challenge I entered this year.

Challenge Accepted: The Dystopia 2012 Challenge <- click on the link to sign up and find out more.

So basically it is a challenge to read a number of dystopian books. Which i'm planning and is (receiving a lot of rave and attention right now)The levels are (if you can't click the link for some reason)

(oh and i'll edit this post or make a new post on the books that i will be reading for this challenge. I will also post reviews and blogs of accomplishment per month or whenever I finish)

Challenge Levels

  1. Asocial– Choose 5 books to read
  2. Contagion – Choose 15 books to read
  3. Soldier – Choose 30 books to read
  4. Drone – Choose 50 books to read
  5. Conditioned – Choose 75 books to read
  6. Brainwashed – Choose anywhere between 76-135 books to read
  7. Totalitarian – Choose anywhere between 136-200 books to read
So the level i'm planning to accomplish is Contagion-Soldier. I think i can do it cause this ends on december 31st 2012 so I think i'll have enough time :)

Book Review: Matched by Ally Condie

Not sure but I think this is the first book review that i've ever written for my blog. I know this blog is mostly about random thoughts and make up but I just thought it would also be nice for me to share my thoughts on the books i've read so that those who can see my blog gets an idea of what I love to read, what I hate and what I recommend for others to check out. So from now on I promise to do book reviews too no matter how short because I love books and I love talking to people about them. So....

The first book i'm going to post here is Matched by Ally Condie. Obviously this is not the first book i've read but this is the book that I finished and thought "someone should know how great this book is... And fast." so this isn't a new release or anything i've been thinking about getting this for months now especially when i got into the whole dystopian type of books but i never really picked up until i saw it on my favorite free ebook download site and i thought to myself "it's free, it looks interesting, so why the hell not?" so I did and I just started reading and within a few chapters, I was inlove with it and finished reading in a couple of hours. It's like you know the book is good when you just can't put it down and when you finally do, it's either you are finished or it's an emergency but you keep thinking about the book anyway.

"In the Society, Officials decide. Who you love. Where you work. When you die

Cassia has always trusted their choices. It’s hardly any price to pay for a long life, the perfect job, the ideal mate. So when her best friend appears on the Matching screen, Cassia knows with complete certainty that he is the one… until she sees another face flash for an instant before the screen fades to black. Now Cassia is faced with impossible choices: between Xander and Ky, between the only life she’s known and a path no one else has ever dared follow — between perfection and passion."


So there's the summary. It's better if you read the official gist itself than me telling you because i moght spoil everything for you. Lol. Anyway it was a bit similar to the giver which i'm sure was coincidental what with all the setting and all but the story unravels into something different and exciting. I love Ky Markham's character most because he is this humble genius that brings the mystery and the puzzle into the story. Cassia may be the focus of the first book in terms of the story line but she's the confused and i think the most gullible of all the characters. She kinda feels that she is in control because her life and the life of people around her is stable but then she finds out that that is not the case which is why the cover is a girl that is trapped in a glass orb because she was conditioned into an environment where she didn't know that she had a choice and even if she did knew a little, she didn't want to do anything about it out of comfort. Ky is a perfect match for her cause he makes the situation balanced and extraordinary... Atleast in my opinion. Xander, her bestfriend and the one she was supposedly matched to, seems to be the perfect match for her in the world where she is blind and gullible to the ways of the society, i guess that is the world inside that orb and Xander as a match in that life definitely fits the bill.. You know, perfection and comfort forever.. But that's gonna be a boring and unsatisfying life...

To me it is a great book, a little Philosophical which is a definite plus for me, Dystopian like the post end of the world scenario that is being predicted--non primitive but way simpler and strict way of living controlled by the strong and the intelligent leaders, etc. seemingly perfect but with consequences (as usual). I like this better than the hunger games but i just wish that the pace of the story could speed up a bit cause there were some "chill" parts that i think were unnecessary especially in the second book "crossed".

Oh by the way, this is a trilogy like the hunger games. This is the first book. The second is crossed which was just released recently, and the third is reached which is set to be released by october/november of this year.



Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Etude House: Line Nuance Duo

I really can't say much about this one. I like the idea that it has a liner on one side and a shadow on the other, what I don't like is that the lady at the counter promised that it is a gorgeous dark brown color that would look great for my lashline, turns out when I swatched the liner side, it looked green. Like the sickly antique green color that is way too light to use for the lashline and way to think to use as eyeshadow. A really downer color. I love the nice taupe brown color on the other side though, now that I can use. Etude house is relatively cheap compared to other asian cosmetic brands but they are good. I just wish that I got the right color and I could think if a way to use this liner soon or this one goes straight into the trash can.

Rating: 2/5


In2it Waterproof Gel Liner in Very Black and Copper

Super excited to try these liner, In2it is a very good cheap brand of cosmetics, I believe it is made in germany, their products are pigmented and the color last all day without being dull and smudged. I tried some of their blushes before and a liquid eyeliner and I swear whenever I need makeup and is on a budget and in a hurry, I always go to their stall.

I got very black, it is super pigmented, very creamy and is waterproof and I've used this the other day and I gotta say that on my list, it is right up there with the nyx eyeliner and the urban decay pencils.

Then I got the one in copper which i use for my lower lashline and this one lived up to my expectations on is a real copper color can also be used as eyeshadow i think this would be perfect for a crease color though I haven't tried to do that.. yet .. but I might :)

Really really good value for your money :)

Rating: 5/5


Last Weekend's Haul /

Got me 2 in2it gel eyeliners in very black and copper, a eyeliner and a creamshadow from etude house and a pond's cream and an olay night cream cause I'm all out :P

MAC Shop MAC cook collection: MAC Lipstick in Runway Red

I only got one thing from this collection cause I wasn't really fond of the tendertones and the kissable lipcolors were sold out, and that pretty hot pink lipstick I was supposed to get was sold out, and then i checked the chenman collection and the vera collection and I couldn't really find any interesting omg-gotta-have-this item. This lipstick appeared last year in the MAC me over collection, a fall collection featuring dark and bold colors which surprised me that this lipstick would be here. But anyway it is a beautiful dark red color, I believe that this is even darker than MAC's Russian Red and is more opaque than MAC's Digna, this is Satin and it is not drying atleast to me. It is a medium dark blue-based red so it helps make your teeth appear whiter.What I don't like about this is that no matter what I do, this lipstick bleeds on me. I've also heard this little rant on different blogs last year but I ignored it because I didn't own a red and it's too beautiful to pass up especially because it is limited edition. The packaging for this collection is very pretty and colorful, they really had the whole cooking girly thing going on at the mac counter, I just wished that they changed the packing of the lipstick and not just put a colored sleeve on it.

Rating: 4/5


MAC Lipstick in Crosswires

Everytime I put this on my lips, I just fall inlove with it over and over again :) It's a beautiful bright coral-pink color, a bit bold-looking on me sometimes when I build it up it can look a bit orange-red. The color is just perfect, not too muted to wash you out but not too bold like vegas bolt that it would be hard to wear. I think that this would look great for the summer time. It is a cremesheen, it is pigmented and it has kind of a gold sheen to it which would make your lips look healthy specially when exposed to the sun ;).

Rating: 5/5


MAC Lipstick in Speak Louder

A super Katy Perry Color! One of my current lip favorites, this is a gorgeous hot pink color very bold and very pigmented. It is a cremesheen finish and is very moisturizing. I've been on a hunt for a lipstick like this for a long time and during my MAC trips, I found that MAC lickable is pretty similar to this and also to one of the Limited Edition lipstick from the MAC shop MAC cook collection this year. What I don't like about this one is that it stains your lips. I mean , I love that it stays on my lips for a long time, but it irritates me that it takes so long to take it off and sometimes the color on the outside of your lips doesn't buddge so you look like someone who forgot to take off her lipliner. The swatch here is a bit off though it's just one swipe but I promise it is worth checking out :)

Rating: 4.5/5


MAC Mineralized Blush in Love Thing

My first Mineralized Blush from MAC. I was so skeptical about getting one of these because they said the color comes out sheer and way to glittery but when I saw this about a month and a half ago, I was totally sold on this. This blush is probably the most pigmented one in the display. It's called love thing and it is a raspberry color with gold glitters on it. What I love about this is when you apply it to the face, the gold glittery things just vanish and it just looks absolutely gorgeous. Although it is a very dark reddish colored blush, I do think that it could work for a lot of skintones if not all of them because you can apply it as light or as dark as you need to. Very very blendable but I find that it works best for medium to dark skintones because it appears so natural on them than on me. I always take this with me when I need to touch up because it gives me just the right amount of color to the point where it's okay to not have much make up on, just tinted moisturizer, lipbalm and this blush and honestly, I'm good to go.For light skintoned ladies, I would suggest that you use a stippling brush when applying this so it is more natural and you wouldn't be applying to much compared to using an angled blush brush for this :)

Rating: 5/5


SkinFood Nailpolishes (Gold and Baby Pink)

I just did a post on SF nailpolishes but I just want to post the 2 other colors i have a gorgeous baby pink color with a pearly finish and a gold one :)