Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Balm: Nude-tude Palette

I love Korea for giving me this palette :) Well no they didn't give this to me but I got this there. Lol. Anyway, I don't think I have to review or introduce this much to people because this is a much raved about product on youtube and other blogs. It is kinda like The Balm's version of the Naked palette although this one is really different from that. So there are two versions: The Nice palette ( the one I have) has no naked girls inside while the naughty palette has girls naked but their private parts are covered with the small shadow rectangles which I think is a very adorable concept and I really wish that I've gotten that instead. But oh well, I'm there for the product. It may look pretty expensive when you look at the price but you get 12 beautiful eyeshadows in there a mirror and a brush inside so for me, it is well worth it.

so here is my interpretation of the colors:

Sassy -white shadows with tons of shimmer
Stubborn - baby pink with shimmer
Selfish-nice shimmery taupe color
Sophisticated - darker taupe color almost leaning to a dark grey with shimmers
Sexy- a matte burgundy color
Serious-matte black color
Snobby-light yellow shimmery color
Stand-offish- shimmery rose gold color
Sultry- matte medium-brown
Schitzo- shimmering grayish-brown color
Silly- dark dark brown with red shimmers
Sleek - extra dark brown matte color

You have to be careful with some of these shadows though because there might be some fall out with the glitter but aside from that, there are no other cons

overall, this is a great palette to have for travelling, it has a great combination of shades I don't think I would ran out of a unique look when using this one they deserve the rave they get. The Balm is one of my favorite brand of make up aside from Mac and sometimes I do find better products there which was bizarre to me at first because it's cheaper but i love it cause I know that they put in so much thought in their products. Well done.

Rating: 5/5


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