Friday, April 6, 2012

Challenge Accepted: Off The Shelf 2012 <- click the link to enter and find out more.

Will be posting reviews and updates on what i've finished soon.

Here is my off the shelf reading list. These are only for the real life shelf (40 books) i will be listing down 10 more books from my ibooks shelf on my ipad to make the list 50 or more to reach my goal for this challenge.

This is about getting read of the unread list and the ignored books on the real life shelf, on the kindle or on the ibooks shelf. It's about challenging yourself to finish all the books you planned to read but never gotten to doing it. I have a lot of that sooo I guess I'm in! :)

Challenge Level: On a roll(50 books, any genre)

The second book reading challenge I entered this year.

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