Tuesday, April 3, 2012

MAC Mineralized Blush in Love Thing

My first Mineralized Blush from MAC. I was so skeptical about getting one of these because they said the color comes out sheer and way to glittery but when I saw this about a month and a half ago, I was totally sold on this. This blush is probably the most pigmented one in the display. It's called love thing and it is a raspberry color with gold glitters on it. What I love about this is when you apply it to the face, the gold glittery things just vanish and it just looks absolutely gorgeous. Although it is a very dark reddish colored blush, I do think that it could work for a lot of skintones if not all of them because you can apply it as light or as dark as you need to. Very very blendable but I find that it works best for medium to dark skintones because it appears so natural on them than on me. I always take this with me when I need to touch up because it gives me just the right amount of color to the point where it's okay to not have much make up on, just tinted moisturizer, lipbalm and this blush and honestly, I'm good to go.For light skintoned ladies, I would suggest that you use a stippling brush when applying this so it is more natural and you wouldn't be applying to much compared to using an angled blush brush for this :)

Rating: 5/5


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