Tuesday, April 3, 2012

MAC Shop MAC cook collection: MAC Lipstick in Runway Red

I only got one thing from this collection cause I wasn't really fond of the tendertones and the kissable lipcolors were sold out, and that pretty hot pink lipstick I was supposed to get was sold out, and then i checked the chenman collection and the vera collection and I couldn't really find any interesting omg-gotta-have-this item. This lipstick appeared last year in the MAC me over collection, a fall collection featuring dark and bold colors which surprised me that this lipstick would be here. But anyway it is a beautiful dark red color, I believe that this is even darker than MAC's Russian Red and is more opaque than MAC's Digna, this is Satin and it is not drying atleast to me. It is a medium dark blue-based red so it helps make your teeth appear whiter.What I don't like about this is that no matter what I do, this lipstick bleeds on me. I've also heard this little rant on different blogs last year but I ignored it because I didn't own a red and it's too beautiful to pass up especially because it is limited edition. The packaging for this collection is very pretty and colorful, they really had the whole cooking girly thing going on at the mac counter, I just wished that they changed the packing of the lipstick and not just put a colored sleeve on it.

Rating: 4/5


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