Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Saem Ardent Lady Perfect Cover Pact

This one of the beauty goodies I got from Korea. It's a full coverage foundation pact with spf 30. Relatively cheap it's around 13000 won, they have two shades available and you can only get this in Korea I think so anyway I will be keeping this review short just because this is something that might not be as interesting as others because it would be hard to find, I looked up some reviews online and found none because the Saem is a new Korean brand I think so there isn't that much talk compared to Missha, Skin79 and all that famous Korean brands.

 The packaging is nice, pink and sturdy, not too bulky, the foundation has a hard plastic covering which is good because it means that the product wouldn't go all over the place , there's a sponge inside which I don't use when applying because I find that the product is best applied with fingers because when you use a brush it tends to streak, when you use the sponge it soaks up the product and you end up wasting it.The color is a perfect match for me I have the lightest shade in 21 , the darker shade is 23 but even 23 wouldn't be good for medium-dark skintones because it is still light. Kind of like a tanned version of me when I expose myself in the sun for awhile. It's not that easy to spread all over the face, it kind of reminds me of thin gum where it kinda feels a little elastic but when spread out, it just covers imperfect skin.


I love this because I don't have to wear any concealer because this is super full coverage and if it isn't enough then you can layer it on to completely conceal blemishes, it doesn't smell like anything, it lasts all day it doesn't cake (except you put on too much as with all foundations) and it's affordable the only con is that it is not available here in the Philippines you can either go to Korea and horde or you can pre-order online which I'm sure there are online sellers that can get this there.

Rating: 5/5


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