Friday, May 4, 2012


Crossed is the next book to Matched, written by Ally Condie. I loved the first book so much that I already googled on the second and third book. Unfortunately, the third book is scheduled to be released October or November of this year. But anyways, I finished reading crossed a few weeks ago and I can say that it is a good book, not as great as the first, although this one has a faster story pace and for people who loves a series of adventurous sequences then I guess that part can be great. So basically the story is when Ky was sent to the outer provinces to basically be decoy villagers for rebel attacks, to make it seem that there are citizens who still dwell there. Cassia, determined to find Ky, pretended to be an aberration so she to can go to the place where Ky was stationed. Along the way they meet people who also wanted to live and escape, or better yet, find the rebels and join them in fighting the society. I won't say a lot about the story as to not spoil the events that's basically it. At the end of the book two, they find the society and they were given different tasks and were deployed to places where they can maximize their skills in support of the cause of the rebels. I can't wait for book three I want to see if they eventually get back together and how Xander fits into the picture and who will Cassia choose in the end. I also wanted to see if they can find freedom in the end. Good book :)

4.5 STARS :)

The next book is Vita Brevis by Jostein Gaarder. Vita Brevis is a story of how the author found an old manuscript of a letter for St. Augustine the author of Confessions and as we all know, a christian philosopher. This letter was written by Floria Aemelia, who was sort of her spouse before he turned away from practically love and all sensual needs of the body in an attempt to "save" his soul. Floria, outraged by what she read in Augustine's confessions about how it was wrong to give in to sensual needs or to intimate relationships and how Augustine hardly acknowledge her and her son, how Augustine seemed to have regretted all happy memories and considered them to be sinful, and a lot more. It was how Floria pointed out the errors of Augustine's reasons and intepretations of the scriptures and thought this needs to be re-thought of. It was a very easy read, it kind of got a little boring in the middle because it was all a backstory from a letter, because personally I would've preferred to have another story that can support the manuscript, like Gaarder's best selling book and my personal favorite, Sophie's World. This is a smart read though, it makes you think but it's not too deep for readers to contemplate and research on things too much. like it, but not loving it.